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City of Trenton


The City of Trenton wants to make sure that you are provided with the best cable television system and service possible. Please take some time to fill out this Questionnaire so the City can have your valuable feedback.

Are you presently a subscriber to cable television?

Have you ever used a different cable provider in the past?

If yes, how does your current provider compare to the prior company?

Why do you subscribe to cable television?

Are you satisfied with your local cable service?

Have you had any problems with your cable service in the past year?

If yes, which of these problems have you had in the past year?

Would you say outages occur...

If you have experienced outages, have you ever received reimbursement or credit on your bill for an outage?

Has a cable company field technician made a service call to your home in the past two years?

How many days did you wait for a service appointment?

If longer than 3 days, was it for a specific appointment (e.g., Saturday, at your special request)?

Have you ever attempted to contact the cable company by telephone?

If yes, were you able to get through?

If you were able to get through, how long did it take?

Have you visited your cable provider's store or offices?

How did you travel there?

How long were you at the store before you were waited on?

Once you were greeted by a worker, were they able to solve your problem/issue?

If they were able to solve your problem/issue, how long did it take?

If they were not able to solve your problem/issue, what was the reason?

How far is the store from your house?

Have you had any billing problems with your cable company?

Please rate theĀ service of your cable providerĀ in the following areas:
(G = Good; S = Satisfactory; P = Poor; N/A = Not Applicable)

Service of your cable provider
Routine service response including installation
Emergency service response
Telephone accessibility
Billing adjustments
Courtesy of employees
Basic programming selection
Premium programming selection

Have you ever watched public, educational and governmental ("PEG") access programming?

Would you be interested in seeing more programming about Trenton?

Rank local programming in order of importance to you on a scale of 1 to 5:
(1 = Not Important; 5 = Very Important)

Local Programming Importance
1 2 3 4 5
Local News
Board of Education meetings
Local public opinion
Senior citizen programs
Children's programs
Local sports
Educational programs
Council meetings

How important are the following to you:
(1 = Not Important; 5 = Very Important)

1 2 3 4 5
Having a cable store/office in the City of Trenton
Expansion of channel capacity/programming
Quality of service
Local Programming (Educational)
Local Programming (Governmental)
Local Programming (Public)
Council meetings

What types of additional programming services would you like to see?